1xBet Jackpot Predictions 2021 How To Use?

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So, you first registered on the site of the 1xBet prediction bookmaker. You figured out how to replenish a deposit, pass verification of data and perform authorization on the site, installed an 1xBet application on your fix mobile gadget. It’s time to learn how to bet on 1xBet, and today we will tell you about it.

How to bet on sports in 1xBet jackpot prediction

To begin with, let’s deal with the basics. In the 1xBet prediction bookmaker, the player has two main types of sports betting available:

1. Single – regular sports bets on one outcome. In case of winning, the player’s account will be credited with the amount of the bet multiplied by the coefficient 1xBet prediction tips. When you deduct the amount from this figure, you can find out how much you have earned on the bet.

2. Expresses – 1xBet prediction on multiple outcomes in different matches of the 1xBet prediction app. In fact, these are March single wagers (optimally – from three to five), combined into one bet. The odds over individual bets are multiplied among themselves, and the result is the coefficient of the whole express. In theory, you can hit a good 1xBet prediction tips. In practice, if at least one 1xBet jackpot prediction loses for free, the entire express loses as well in 1xBet online prediction.

Bets in the 1xBet prediction tips bookmaker can be made in two modes – prematch and live

Pre-match bets can be made even all month before the start of a sports 1xBet mega jackpot prediction – it depends on when the line is laid out. It’s optimal to place bets a day before the start of the 1xbet mega jackpot prediction, in which case the approximate 1xBet free prediction of the teams and their readiness for the game are already known.

Live bets 1xBet prediction online during a sports match

They are allocated under a separate 1xBet mega jackpot prediction – Live, where you can always clarify which games are currently playing tomorrow, get acquainted with the proposed rates and bet on any suitable outcome prediction.

When making a bet, you need to work with sports today in which you are at 1xBet free prediction a little versed. If you are a correct on football or hockey of 1xBet prediction tomorrow, you can see the situation on the field and predict the outcome – make several bets and played yourself. The 1xBet match prediction bookmaker offers dozens of sports disciplines, including popular 1xBet prediction jackpot, hockey and tennis, as well as lesser-known Gaelic football, darts and water polo.

For example, let’s analyze a football match. Each game has a basic and advanced painting. The main includes basic outcomes common to all 1xBet prediction jackpot, regardless of their importance. In addition – various combinations based on the best basic, as well as individual, rates on statistics and much more.

Base outcomes of 1xBet match prediction

1. Betting on the outcome. Designated as P1 X P2 or 1 X 2. P1 – victory of the first team, X – draw, P2 – victory of the second team. The standard bet on how the confrontation will score.

2. Double chance 1xBet online prediction. It is designated as 12 1X X2 or P1X P1P2 XP2. Bet on the fact that the match will definitely not have one of the main outcomes. Bet 12 means that the teams will win without a draw, bet 1X – that the guests will not win, X2 – that the first team will not win 1xBet mobile predictions.

3. Handicap. 1xBet sure prediction is made when one of the teams has a clear advantage. Handicap can be positive or negative. A positive 1xBet sure prediction is drawn up by an outsider, a negative one by a favorite. When calculating a bet, the positive or negative handicap value is added to the result of the 1xBet match prediction, after which the winner is determined in 1xBet today prediction.


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