Acne Prone Skin? Prebiotics in Skin care Might be the Latest Magic Ingredient!

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biofit blogIn case you are a beauty aficionado you could have encountered the definition of Prebiotic in an ingredients list or product explanation. Plus in case you have not already, bet your bottom dollar you’ll within the next year or so!

Prebiotics are the next big thing. You’ve most likely heard of Probiotics, those pleasant living, established bacteria you come across in yoghurts as well as other foodstuffs. When you consume Probiotics, you add good bacteria to the intestinal tract of yours. Prebiotics are non-digestible foods which go through your digestive system and assist the good bacteria grow and flourish. They’re equally as important and could be found in foods such as bananas, onions, artichokes and honey.

Just what exactly have Prebiotics got to do with skincare? Scientists have discovered that Prebiotics help change the good bacteria in the skin which will get lost because of environmental stresses.

When pores become blocked, due to soil, anxiety or maybe medical issues like hormone imbalances, sebum (otherwise known as oil) immediately builds set up under the surface of your skin. As the clogged pores aren’t receiving some oxygen, small colonies of bacteria in skin follicles begin spreading, feeding on sebum. These bacteria result in pimples. Prebiotics assist by rebalancing the epidermis with good bacteria in addition to preventing the development of the bad acne germs. They also have anti inflammatory properties very important for soothing inflamed or maybe acne prone skin.

So where can you find these magic ingredients? Face Boutique is a natural range of skin products developed especially for women under 30, or those with changeable somewhat oily skin. Their newly developed moisturiser, Fresh Faced used Prebiotics to help reduce breakouts together with zinc-rich Smithsonite which also helps regulates sebum. US based ReVive use Prebiotics in their Masque Des Yeux whilst UK based REN use it inside their Citrux Linonum hand cream. These 3 appear to be amongst the leaders in the industry.

“We only use gentle, alternative ingredients in our products,” explained Sarah Vorbach, Nature‚Äôs Formulas, see it here, founding father of London based Face Boutique Ltd. “So when our formulator proposed Prebiotics I jumped in the concept. We’ve found our Fresh Faced Moisturiser has results which are wonderful and it is particularly effective for females with greasy epidermis. I have no doubt Prebiotics play a vital role in this and expect to see a number of other skin care brands making use of them in the future.”

Watch this space!

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