Are Prebiotic Fiber Supplements Good for you?

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With so many individuals learning more about the romance prebiotics have with a well functioning digestive system, it’s not shocking they are aiming to prebiotic fiber supplements for a way to increase their intestinal wellness. After all, prebiotics are key to a healthy intestinal tract.

Up until recently, most prebiotic dietary supplements contained just the components inulin as well as fructo oligosaccarides (FOS). Some manufacturers obtained these fibers from natural sources and several pharmaceutical companies produced artificial versions.

Prebiotic fibers inulin & FOS – friends or foes?click here to learn more

Some individuals seasoned excellent results from these types of fiber, but other did not. As reported in their book “Restoring Your Digestive System” doctors Brasco and Rubin mentioned that “Popular prebiotic dietary supplements include inulin and FOS. In the experience of ours, these supplements don’t help patients, but rather cause them click here to buy BioFit (simply click the next website page) cultivate gas” and bloating.

Although inulin/FOS does feed the great gut bacteria of ours, recent studies have shown in addition, it feeds a particularly dangerous one known as Klebsiella. This particular bacteria is implicated in an inflammation condition which happens in the joints of the backbone referred to as Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Klebsiella occurs in most people’s colon and it is contained in balance by the the good bacteria there, where it is harmless provided that it continues to be in the colon. If it spreads to various other areas of the body it can cause serious infections in the urinary tract, pneumonia, and even death.

Much better choices for prebiotic supplements

But there are better choices than inulin and FOS available now. A very good example are ones using kiwifruit as the prebiotic food source.biofit This particular fruit has been nicknamed the brand new “superfood” because of it is unusually high and varied nutrient content, not only in a great many minerals and vitamins but also it is dietary fiber content.

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