DNA plus the Evidence For PreBiotic Natural Intelligence

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to learn more please click hereTradition has actually been defined as the symbolic order; that is, the body of thoughts prescriptive of social relational order. “Thinking” has similarly been identified as the symbolic modeling of experience consistently with the potentials for suggesting a substitute order of experience. I define magic as embodying the purported methods for fulfilling a substitute order of reality: the methods for helping the dreams of ours come true; fulfilling our desires in what we understand to the “real world.”

Sociologists assure us that only man produces symbols as well as simulates concrete relational order using symbolic systems of order. Sociologists proudly proclaim man the single community producing agent in nature; but I propose we have to have an extreme rethinking of our picture of the role of DNA in bio evolutionary record if we will progress beyond the outmoded conceptualization and that continues to hold sway amongst biologists in spite of advances in info technology since the neo-Darwinian synthesis was first developed.

My proposal to natural researchers is the fact that DNA may, https://naturesformulas.com/ (simply click the up coming article)/ (simply click the up coming article) on closer examination of the molecular order of its, come out to be a molecular computer nanomachine working on an advanced statespace intelligence algorithm of some sort. The science of genetics need consider, really, the risk that so called junk DNA could possibly incorporate some form of intelligence code. It’s significant that nature had, in the symbolic process of the DNA molecule, within the borders of the sociological definition, been “thinking,” creating as well as transmitting community for eons before male appeared. Man may just represent a new, before unexplored chance for Natural Intelligence in the art of culture creation and transmission.

The self imposed naivete of natural thought face-to-face with proof of a pre human system for symbolic modeling of physical relational order is amazing. Might Natural Intelligence have revealed its hands more plainly to Watson and Crick, to Tatum and Beadle?

A yawning gap separates the mere presence of a macro-molecule and also the exploitation of its chain structure in a technique for symbolic modeling of concrete relational order. It’s one thing to get the alphabets; it’s a radically different item to make use of the alphabets to invent a language by assigning personal references or “meaning” to otherwise meaningless symbols!

The genetic equipment accommodates the possibility, in what biologists carelessly believe are random mutations, for suggestion of alternate bio-physical orders. This’s the heart of divergent thinking, creativity and innovation in intelligence systems.

Just how long could it take for molecular biologists to recognize the genetic system could possibly integrate some style of syntax-driven intelligence code?

Steven Pinker, in his How the Mind Works, attempted a working definition of intelligence. He was of the opinion that intelligence comes with a particular “commodity:” information; which what defines intelligent functionality ultimately is information processing ability.

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