Electric Acupuncture Will help Women Suffering From Premenstrual Syndrome Or perhaps Tension

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click here to learn moreNine out of 10 menstruating ladies feel the consequences of an approaching period some or every month(s). pre-menstrual syndrome (Pre-Menstrual tension or pms) (PMT) is able to present itself in a wide variety of ways from painful cramping to headaches to mood swings. Symptoms range from mildly irritating to excruciating and traditional therapies such as prescription medications won’t always benefit (or may not be the preference) of yours. If you suffer from PMS / PMT, you might want to look into incorporating electronic acupuncture to your routine for relief.

Electric Acupuncture and Its Treatment Options

Electric Acupuncture and Its Treatment Options

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture is definitely used for the treatment of pain and other health conditions. According to the principles of its, the body of yours comprises of energy pathways performing throughout your body, linked from the connective tissues. When you encounter cramping, headaches and other symptoms of PMS, various paths become blocked, preventing your life’s healing energy from coursing through to these places. Acupuncture makes use of small fine needles inserted into certain places known as acupoints to unblock these pathways.

Acupuncture is now a recognised and respected treatment option and many insurance companies offer to spend on this kind of treatment nowadays. However, what if you are not really a fan of needles or cannot afford repeated excursions to an acupuncturist? You are able to invest in an FDA approved handheld electronic acupuncture unit which has the exact same healing concepts, only without the needles.

An electronic acupuncture device can be used in the comfort of the own home of yours, according to your own treatment schedule. The unit uses a wand to deliver electromagnetic impulses to particular acupoints in the hand, wrist and palm which correspond to particular aspects of your body. As an illustration, if your PMT is causing cramping and bloating, you will touch the wand to the location corresponding to the uterus as well as ovaries to unblock the vitality pathways causing pain. Precisely the same rule applies for headaches as well as mood swings caused by hormones.

A invaluable acupoint hand chart typically accompanies electronic acupuncture devices so there don’t have to be guesswork involved in self-treating your PMS or PMT symptoms. Having the capability to self-treat is able to help you reduce the dependency of yours on prescription medications, especially if these medications have the capability of causing side effects. When your life must be adjusted to take into account the pain as well as suffering of PMS, a purchase in an electronic acupuncture device might be the solution to getting that week of everything back each month.

However, talk with the doctor of yours about your PMT or PMS symptoms initially. Some might involve medical intervention. The best pms supplements part is the fact that the electronic acupuncture device of yours will not just help with your pre-menstrual syndrome but an assortment of some other health woes (and overall wellness) as well.

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