Good Hair – strong and Shiny Hair – Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins

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procerin for menJust before you rush off and spend significant amounts of money on hair revitalizing products, you may have to check out what is missing from the diet of yours that may be causing the hair issue of yours.

What we eat has a profound affect on our outward physical appearance as well as the overall well-being of ours. Good, strong and shiny hair is a sign of a well-nourished body.

To achieve and keep a normal head of hair, an everyday diet must include proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and water.



Strengthens hair click here to buy the Best Hair Growth Products (visit our website) shield it from starting to be brittle and dry. Protein rich foods can be discovered in fish, lean meats, poultry, cereals, eggs as well as dairy foods.



Minerals play an important role in good hair production as well as growth, these include:

Iron carries oxygen on the hair. Insufficient iron is going to starve the hair which in turn, can lead to loss of hair. Include red meat, eggs, legumes and dark green, leafy plant in your diet.


Essential Fatty Acids

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