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Hi everyone

At this time of year something we are able to do to support our immune system like taking probiotics goes a long approach to keep us in good health, especially when the bodies of ours are busy fighting off the colds as well as viruses that are virulent during winter.

As you probably know from reading through previous articles I’ve written I go through from COPD, and also through this I often have to take antibiotics to make certain that no additional damage is set upon my lungs when I contract colds as well as chest infection.

I am absolutely against taking antibiotics daily, but my GP says that this is the lesser of the 2 evils.biofit blog

Taking antibiotics wipes out some of the good bacteria in the gut along with no matter what reason you are taking the drugs for. Thus taking prebiotics allows you to accelerate my body’s natural process of generating immunity and bacterium to fight against some other viruses.

Did you recognize that 70 per cent of the immune system of ours is found in the gut of ours, and that our gut is home to over 400 various strains of bacteria.

The germs in the gut, Https:// ( ( which colonises soon after birth from ingested milk products, helps to avoid risky bacteria for example e.coli from entering and colonising the body.find out more by clicking here

The guts’ eco-system’ of bacteria is a quite fine balance, and also could effortlessly be tipped into turmoil by bugs leading to diarrhoea and sickness from toxified or raw foods.

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