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Thanks I am sure you have it now sir. Mikkyboy : Oga Akin I earlier made a complaint in your blog about the unavailability of nairabet agents who fund account in my area.

I stay at elelenwo,port harcourt and the closest funding nairabet agent to me is at rumuokoro,which means I have to pay naira,going and coming,before I fund my account. Don’t even think about the quickteller atm stuff cos the bank I use name withheld doesn’t offer that for now. It used to work but doesn’t anymore. So please,like I appealed in your blog,you guys should open a nairabet shop in the environs of elelenwo and akpajo,port harcourt.

That said anyway,i also funded my account this december. Username-mikeboy Thanks If you become a shop agent you will be able to fund customers for us. Kindly contact us on how to become an agent. JealousPrince : thanks i have seen the bonus, you customer care service is very superb and fast, i love that, it was one of your customer care agent that directed me on how i can find it, i was using nairabet oldmobile that was why i cnt find it, when i used the computer version, i found it once.

Am very happy nowand i will stop bodering you. We don’t joke with our customers.

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve your issues. Thank you. I paid in 1k on xmas day still waiting for my bonus. Username: ephaig. Username: ephaig We gave out the bonuses on Xmas day. Only deposits before then counted.

From some of the criteria on being a shop agent I happened to have seen,i don’t think i’m in anyway qualified to being an agent. Unless you want to give me the free opportunity. What I actually was saying is if there was a possible way you guys can come in here to elelenwo,it’ll be cool. I would love to become one of your agent at Ekpoma, Edo state. What are the requirements sir? We have some special bets offer bets this weekend.

They are some accumulators with very high odds. Here we go.

It’s December 31st and I aint seen my bonus in my nairabet account. Thought you said it’s for those Who Deposited this month which I did.

Please confirm sir. Thanks pls check out my username: okolosi4mikel. Founded more than 2times b4 xmas yet no bonus. I felt so bad.

Like I dont expect sanchez to play anyway Cheers. What about if Alexis Sanchez doesn’t play? Around June sir. I need your help seriously this month just a temporal solution on my education but life saving one on me and my condition. I believe God has ways of blessing us to help others. Please bring back the bonus on Nairabet abeg.

Funding with GSM Recharge cards coming soon. Weekends and public holidays only.After doing whats necessary, you will be automatically redirected to where you will input your card details. Put your Card Number where necessary. Put the expired month and year date in the accurate place, the same thing to your CVV number, which is the 3 digits number on your cardmostly at the back of your card and click on pay.

Now, you have successfully deposit money to your bet9ja online account. This is the most reliable and easy means of depositing money into your online bet9ja account.

If you have any question on how to fund Bet9ja account with recharge card, then you are in the perfect place to get your answers! Clear opportunity to make a bet using a mobile app or website mobile version.

Clear opportunity to check all the operations concerning your stakes at any convenient for you time. The first step is for you to log in into your Bet9ja account. If you do not have one, click the Register account section or Signup button. Next, you will see a menu, which contains such options:.

Once you have selected this option, you will be redirected to a page, where you will need to enter the amount of money you intend to deposit. In the specified section given, carefully input the amount of money you want to fund your Bet9ja account with.

You will be redirected again to the next page. Here, you will have to provide the required information:. CVV code of your recharge card usually you can find this 3-digit code on the back side of the card. Now, wait for the one-time password. It will be sent via SMS to your phone number, which you have mentioned during registration. When you receive this 6-digit code, enter it into appropriate gap.

When the procedure is finished, your Bet9ja account will be deposited instantly. Then choose to make payment option in the menu below. From the list, select Bet9ja. Now you have to insert the required information in the gaps. Username is your Bet9ja ID, e-mail address or phone number, that regards the account you what to fund. As you have entered the information, click the NEXT button. Now you need to insert your card number, which is made of sixteen digits, its expiry date, and CVV code.

Now click GO and wait for a message with the one-time password, that will be sent to your valid phone number. When you have received it, enter the password in the relevant gap and click OK button. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Home Games. Table of Contents. Deposit Money to Bet9ja Online Account.December 01, Are you new to NairaBET? Do you need help on how to fund your betting account?

New to NairaBET? Youwant to put your money where your mouth is. This is one of the easiest ways you can fund your NairaBET account.

How do you go about it? The agent will fund your account instantly.

Your password is not needed. Please do not disclose your account password to anyone. Simple, right? Another way to fund your NairaBet account is by bank deposit. You can fill it as follows:. At the upper part of the deposit slip, please repeat your deposit amount as follows. After doing all these, you account will be credited instantly. Not interested in those long bank queues? Then this option is just for you. No waiting in long queues. All you need to do is follow the steps below:.

This will take you to the list of payment options. Step Four : On the payment gateway, please fill in all the required details, like providing your card details, and entering your PIN. Check your account balance, which will show that your account has been funded instantly.

This payment option provides you with the opportunity to fund your account whenever you want, regardless of where you are, internet or no internet. Go to the nearest ATM. After that, the list of merchants will appear. Select Others. This will prompt the machine to request that you enter your merchant code. Now, the code you will enter will depend on the amount you want to fund your NairaBET.

Below are the codes:. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to deposit.Here is a quick tutorial for you if you will like to fund your NairaBET.

Not your username. You know the ATM deals with numbers and not letters. Once you are ready, go to the nearest ATM. After that, this type of page will open. Select Quickteller. If you cannot find that, you can select Pay Bills. The machine will now ask you to enter your merchant code.

The code you will enter will depend on the amount you want to fund your NairaBET. Here are the codes. If you want to fund more than N5, or other amounts you want enter the code The machine will ask you how much you want to pay. Enter the amount you want to pay and move to the next page. The next thing is to enter your NairaBET customer identification number. After entering your ID, it will bring up your name.

If it brings up another name, that means you have entered the wrong ID so cancel it and do it again.

How To Fund Bet9ja Account Instantly Without Going To The Bank

Confirm it if the details are correct. Some machines will ask you to put your telephone number. Enter it and they will send you a confirmation message. It is not compulsory though. That is it.

Before you get back home, your account would have been funded. View all posts by Akin Alabi. That is wounderful but I have not activited my account inorder to start participating on these. Sorry,how do I started if I wants to? Great achievement. This will make funding smooth without hassles.This hardly goes wrong as it is a direct funding method of your NairaBET account from your bank account without any third parties Quickteller, Interswitch, Webpay.

Here is a tutorial on how to go about it:. It will direct you to the Internet banking platform of GTB where you will then be asked to login. Your user ID is an 11 digit number which were provided to you when you registered for Internet banking. Your password is a six 6 digit number which you will input by clicking on the randomly arranged numbers below the password box.

When you do so, a page will come up where you are to fill in your customer reference number or Customer ID which is the number attached to your NairaBET account as stated earlier. Next Click on Select under payment type depending on whether you are an online customer or an agent.

Fill in the remaining details: The amount you would like to fund with, your first name and your last name. After you proceed you will find that a bank charge of N will be deducted for that transaction.

When you do this a few details will be shown to like your email address, check that it is really your email address and then seal the transaction. As soon as you do, an e-receipt will be issued to you which shows that the transaction has been successful. View all posts by Akin Alabi. Hey Akin Is this funding applicable to Online Agents too. At time it will generate receipt and debit my account without crediting my betting account. This will take up to a week or two to be resolved due to very poor customer service from both side.

Its frustrating and discouraging. I hope nairabet will find a way to tackle this because its like a nightmare if one encounter such. It happens often and if the customer did not paster them with mails for reversal, the money will enter voice mail because they will die the matter.

Just thought of sharing my experience on this type of

funding because gtbank is not reliable with gtcollections.

Thanks a lot for your comment. We will monitor it as we go on.Considering the no of betting company springing up on a daily basis I want to confirm if there is any agency dt is responsible for the control of betting. Because I was duped by one Goldbetz. They said dey are predictn site dt offers 2. I bought games frm them worth and the game did not play wich dey are suppose to refund me d money bt uptill nw I av nt seen a dime frm them. Pls my fellow Nairalanders Goldbetz.

Pls wat is d Agency that controls betting in Nigeria? But only on weekends and public holidays. Alabi since 2days now dem cancel dis match abeg press ur ofor make d match cancel I need d rubs to use bet I just read this thread now after long absence from nairaland.

Meanwhile I read the news of nairabet giving people that funded their account in December, of course I am part of this people but I did not see anything in my account when I log in to check. My username is adegbenga, please Mr Alabi do d needful. Thank u n I hope it’s not late. I wish akinalabi company can speed more on your payout rather than waiting forever to get alert. Oga alabi please I won a bet but haven’t been credited. Here is the slip ID Thanks in advance. Did U Play It Online?

Tochex : Oga alabi please I won a bet but haven’t been credited. Akin alabi, please I have PM you. I need to report one of your agents in Ife the agent scams people of their winnings. He has pay out my ticket since last week and didn’t give me my money.

I want to report one of his dubious agent. Good evening sir. I am use your online betting platform and I must commend you as the best in Nigeria. The purpose of contacting you here is very urgent and important. I have a proposal for you sir and I wish to formally contact you through a medium that would be attended to on time. We have a student oriented program we developed and it is sure to became a phenomenon in the nearest future.

My wish is that Nairabet is part of this idea as it would really benefit the brand. I hope to hear from you soon, so I make my submissions formally. Thank you sir. Please I want to fund my account using the recharge card option, how do I go about it, the option is not on the nairabet site menu. Same Here Too Pls Reply pavy : Please I want to fund my account using the recharge card option, how do I go about it, the option is not on the nairabet site menu.

Account detail been wrong, I contacted customer care and I was told to upload national I. Oga alabi abeg no vex say I kill una on sunday.

But abeg make una pay me my money quick na today make am 2 working days. Abeg I need the money to take travel abeg wen u dey chop me I no delay ur destiny so no delay my own. Abeg try make am b4 3pm today d guy wey wan sell he car for me go soon change he mind. Thank u just incase my username na obaro Nairabet should Update Na! Wonder why it takes you guys to Load up.You can use this code to check your account balance.

This includes eCash account balance and your other bank accounts. Please note, extra cost may apply and your card must have been added on Quickteller. Use this code to fund your eCash account. This will prompt you to enter a phone number that you want to fund.

Hotline: See FAQ Below. This is Quickteller your quickteller experience on your mobile device. What can I do with Quickteller. Quickteller offers you an extensive range of services.

There are over billers on Quickteller and these services include funding of Betting wallets, Cable TV, Tolls, airtime and data purchases, Airlines, Utilities e. Other Value-Added Services available on Quickteller includes Western Union receive money, recurring payment, transaction dashboard, eCash funding and payments.

Do I need a debit card to use Quickteller. A debit or prepaid card is required, you can also make payments with your eCash. Your local cards where Interswitch is present will work on Quickteller. However, your bank must have enabled your card for online payments. Can I use my mobile money accounts on Quickteller. Yes, Quickteller has an electronic wallet service called eCash. You can fund your eCash account via Quickteller. This account is tied to your mobile number which means your mobile number is the same as your eCash account.

As regulation demands, the maximum amount that can be transferred to a tier 1 KYC eCash account is N50, per day, while you can maintain a balance of up to N, per time. Yes, you can use your MasterCard and Visa cards on Quickteller. Are there any transaction limits and if so what are they. Yes there are transaction limits. The transactions limits are set by your bank, however, global limits on Quickteller are Recharge N20, Transfers N, and Bill payments N, Can I use Quickteller mobile without activating my card.

Your card must be activated by your bank before it can be used for any online transaction and this includes Quickteller Mobile. You can also activate your card at any ATM. Visit an ATM 2. Insert your card 3. Select Quickteller 4. Select “Pay bills” 5.

Choose your account type 6. Enter as the payment code 8. Accept the N1. Follow prompts to complete the transaction. What is the transaction or service charge.


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