How To Book Merrybet Sports Bets?

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Making a big splash in the world of sports betting sites and attracting sports lovers from all around the world is none other than Merrybet. Since 2013, they have taken the bookmaker market by storm, with just about every event and match in one place. The Merrybet com full site covers all sports-related things surrounded by a sharp design and easy to navigate page that is good perfect for both rookie and seasoned players.

If you’ve heard about all the action and are ready to jump in, keep one reading! If you tried the old Merrybet, the new and improved site is worth another shot, especially with all the added sports action that the new website has to offer for you. In our review, we will take a look at all the most important parts of this online gambling oasis, helping you decide if it is right for you.

About Merrybet

First, let’s make a short introduction. Hitting the web in 2013, the operator was originally an all-inclusive casino gaming website. What the creators thought would be a casino with a little bit of everything quickly developed into what the site is now. Though it seems to be all about sports, casino games are still floating around, including slots, tables, and live betting dealer games. When visiting online Merrybet, you’ll notice one thing first, and that is all the sports streaming across the screen. Due to the rapid rise in popularity of their sportsbook, the site decided to hone in on this angle, developing into what the site is now. It is a one-stop shop for sports betting loved by gamers from far and wide.

Merrybet Lagos State Board Lotteries License is what keeps them afloat, legally operating in several countries, and breaking into many other sports markets as their popularity increases. They have every sport imaginable, from football league to soccer and basketball, all found on the home screen complete with updated scores and odds. It is the perfect setup for even the inexperienced gamer, giving them the betting markets to find it all.

If you are not a part of the constantly growing group of players confiding in Merrybet for their gaming needs, you’ll want to create your account. From the website, just fill out the registration form and create your own login and password. It’s quick and easy and will allow you to log in to any one of the several accepted platforms available for betting.

Customer support is an area that gets a big thumbs up on our part. There are all sorts of ways to get in touch with them, and some are even organized by inquiry. There are separate and specific numbers for different concerns getting you to the right person in seconds. There are a live chat, phone, WhatsApp, email, and FAQ’s, all at your disposal.

Normally, casinos and booking sites come with an offer to say hello. One thing that you will be disappointed to discover is the lack of a welcome bonus. We know, it’s a bummer. There are very few promotions offered by the site, some of which we will point out in detail a little later. For now, let’s jump right into the payment methods available.

Merrybet Deposit Site

A positive note to the bad news, Nigerian players have a lot of options when it comes to funding their accounts. There are different methods of deposits, all of which are available in seconds. Use them to start putting your predictions into play very soon after you first fund your account.

Withdrawals take some time to process; the time depends on the method you use. The positive part about withdrawals is that they come with a super high Merrybet maximum payout, so if you win big, you can take your winnings all at once. To get your hands on your cash as fast as possible, be sure to first verify your account by providing a photo of your ID plus a bank statement or a utility bill.

Merrybet Booking Site

On to the more important stuff. How to book Merrybet sports bets? And how is the Merrybet sports betting done? Well, they are not at the top of their game for nothing. Visiting the site for the first time, you will see all kinds of sports the bookmaker covers. You can take your pick of current, upcoming, and weekend matches and also take a gander at virtual leagues and teams.

Those in Nigeria can enjoy regional and national events happening seemingly by the minute on-site. While the layout and the options are brag-able, it’s the odds that kind of got us in a fuss. Compared to other bookmakers bet of their kind, going head to head with a bet like a 50/50 bet, their odds come in at 1.85. For the newbies out there, that is way below the average, and we don’t like that.

It shouldn’t keep you from making a Merrybet booking bet, however. There are so many markets that it sort of balances out, giving you pretty good chances to win. Merrybet booking hasn’t always offered their betters live streaming of games and has just added this feature to their new site. Just like with anything new, it is limited and not without a few kinks.

There are only a few matches streamed live, so you may be left without the ability to watch how your team is performing on screen. Compared to the Merrybet booking old site, there are a lot of noteworthy improvements, but work still needs to be done in this area. The updates are expected to come very shortly.

Merrybet online betting is up and running well, however. Just like other platforms of its kind, the site is bursting with bet-able material. Surf through statistics, predictions, scores, and minimum odds, using all these materials to your advantage and shaping your best guesses from them. You can make bets both before the matches begin and as they are in-play. The Merrybet shop also has a few bonus offers, though not the most popular. Referring friends or fellow sports lovers to the Merrybet website will score you a 50% cut of their losses and a 5% cashback accumulator bonus is alive and well. Unfortunately, that’s about it, though.

Merrybet Nigeria also offers a few jackpot options though they come with a hefty entrance fee. It is a game that could win you a ton of cash, but only if you guess the correct combinations. It was the same on the Merrybet old platform and had a lot of success, creating a lot of buzz. The site, therefore, has kept it alive, up, and ready for players who want to give it a try.

Merrybet platform

At any given time, you’ll have access to Merrybet England and Merrybet Gold Limited, no matter which platform you’re using. There are both desktop, mobile, and app versions of the casino. Our preference is the mobile version, with its easy to navigate and simplistic setup. You can find everything you want and need from one place, plus can make deposits and make withdrawal requests from your smartphone.

While Merrybet is not the most advanced among other websites and mobile apps of its kind, we fell for its simplicity. It has all that a better needs plus a few added extras. It is also no secret that the site pays close attention to what their returning players have to say. Many of the improvements that they have made over their time online have been a direct answer to customers’ suggestions.

Yes, we are turned off by the lack of promotions and also the odds. There are too many competitors out there not to try and smash the competition. That, however, was not enough to keep our attention away for long, with the large max withdrawal amounts and the reputation the site has for quick processing of winnings.

While this might not be the best option for expert punters, it is surely a great option for those who may be new and learning the ropes. There is just enough of the pizazz without scaring gamers away and sending them in the other direction. Still, the casino is on its way up, continually striving to improve one thing or another. Keep on the lookout for promotions and more features that could be introduced very soon from the growing and evolving site.


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