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Besides offering loads of additional markets, 1xbet wins over many bettors’ fancies owing to its easy-to-use and bettor-friendly website.

While this article basically revolves around how to place a bet on 1xbet, it further guides you on how to load a bet code using the 1xbet website or mobile app.

How to Place a Bet on 1xBet

To place a bet on the website of 1xbet, you first have to register (as a user) on the site. Notably, 1xbet’s Sports and Live pages contain information on events and odds and are accessible to anyone browsing the 1xbet website. But for bet placement, it’s necessary to have first registered as a user on the official website.

Provided you’re a registered 1xbet user, you may follow the steps below in order to place a bet:

– Visit the official site of 1xbet and sign into your 1xbet account

– Navigate to the main menu of 1xbet and click Sports or Live

– Subsequently, specify your desired sport and event

– With the latter done, 1xbet will present you with relevant odds and markets

– Select the odds in order to place your bet -doing this will cause your chosen event to show on the bet slip

– You’ll have to specify your preferred bet type (from a list containing Accumulator, Chain and System) in the case of various bets on the bet slip

– Subsequently, specify the amount you’re placing on the bet -you’re expected to have deposited money that is sufficient for the bet placement

– Then, click the button Place a bet

– On the next page, a pop-up box will appear, showing your bet details (1xbet will approve the bet and deduct the staked amount from your account)

– To view your bets, check Bet history under My Account or toggle to the Recent bets section

Alternatively, you can choose to load a bet code (for bet placement) via any of 1xbet’s website and mobile app. To do this using the mobile site, see the instructions below:

– – Visit on any reliable browser

– After landing on the site’s homepage, scroll to the bottom and click the middle-standing box with three horizontal lines -this will direct you to the bet slip page

– On the bet slip page, select Save/download bet slip

– Then, input your bet code

– Tap the green-coloured Download button lying near

– On the emerging window, choose the option Accumulator and insert the stake amount in the required field

– Finally, tap the PLACE A BET button lying under

If you would like to load your bet code via the 1xbet mobile app instead, you should follow the instructions below:

Launch the 1xbet app

– Wait for the main page to appear

– On the main page, scroll to the top left-hand corner and click the box with three horizontal white lines

– The emerging window presents a menu of options. Select Bet slip from these options

– On the next page, you’ll find a statement that “You have no bet slips”.


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