How To Withdraw From Nairabet

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It always gets to the point when you need to withdraw from the Nairabet Account, and that is if you are a fellow that does not give up easily.

Every punter on nairabet knows that winning always takes some level of courage and determination, sometimes you lose and once in a blue moon, you could get all you have lost on Nairabet and even make some extra money. Being courageous does not imply that you should empty your account. Being smart will keep you in the game for long.

The key to winning on Nairabet is to have a plan – if you have got it, it is just a matter of time before you start withdrawing on a regular basis. Like I always point out to anyone, never bet with a cash amount you can not afford to lose. Ensure that what you will be spending on Nairabet is at least one-tenth of your worth. This is the basic rule if you ever want to bet responsibly on Nairabet.

Going all the way could be disastrous, and it is never a good way to stake considering how risky a bet is. Take it slowly, maybe as time goes on, you can increase your stake amount.

This article will show you how to withdraw from Nairabet to your Bank Account after winning a bet.


Nairabet customers can play online or at any Nairabet Shop. When you play in a shop, the value of your winning ticket will be paid in cash or sent to your bank account depending on the arrangement you have with the Nairabet Agent. The major disadvantage of playing in Nairabet Shop is that you may not have the complete money since agents and other punters may want to pounce on your winnings. However, you can’t be forced to part with any amount unless you want to.

For customers who played online, they can have their winnings sent to their bank account. This is one of the best ways to play your Nairabet bet online since you have no commitments. Still, the disadvantages are huge since you are likely to spend more than you would spend in a Nairabet Shop. Playing your bets online may affect your savings.

In order to make a successful withdrawal, ensure the names on your Nairabet Account corresponds with your Bank Account. Any error in names may pose an issue, therefore you may need to contact Nairabet for correction.

Also, customers should realise that the minimum amount you can withdraw is N1,000 while the maximum amount is N1,000,000 per day. The withdrawal process can take up to one working day excluding weekends and public holidays. There are no fees for withdrawal and it is completely FREE to withdraw your Nairabet Winnings.

Withdrawals could take up to 48 hours at times, but it is mostly completed in less than 24 hours.


– To withdraw from your Nairabet Account, you will need to visit

– Once you have logged into Nairabet Dashboard, click on Account Icon.

– Click on Wallet. You will be taken to “Deposit”, you will need to switch to “Withdrawal” by clicking on it.

– Select your bank, enter your account number, choose your account type, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw from Nairabet.


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