Linda Ikeji Son And Baby Daddy

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Linda Ikeji is the number one blogger in Nigeria, who always talk about everything and everyone. Recently, Linda Ikeji’s life took an unexpected turn – she had a baby! It was especially impressive, considering that Linda did not have an official boyfriend or husband. Nobody knew the father of her little son for a really long time until Linda decided to reveal his name to the public one day. Here, you will read everything you always wanted to know about Linda Ikeji son and baby daddy!


Who is Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy?

For a long time, the identity of Linda Ikeji’s baby father was nothing more than just speculations. Many Nigerians who follow this celebrity’s popular blog and are interested in her posts were wondering who the father of her baby is. As for Linda Ikeji herself, she was not too keen on disclosing the identity of the man who made her pregnant. However, when Linda has finally posted a photo together with her little son, the confirmation of people’s speculations has come true.

The father of Linda Ikeji’s baby turned out to be Sholaye Jeremi, who is a businessman and socialite. He is known to be a very influential man in the business world of Nigeria.

Sholaye Jeremi’s birthday is on the 8th of July. He was born somewhere in the late 1970s. He is from Delta State. Sholaye Jeremi is not a public person, which was proven when the fans of Linda Ikeji had trouble telling if he was really her boyfriend at the time, as there was barely any proof of their relationship.

Currently, Sholaye Jeremi resides in Ikoyi, Lagos. He is very closely associated with a lot of major Nigerian business tycoons. For example, there are rumors about him being behind a lot of successful contracts made by Dr. Kachukwu Ibe, the Minister of Petroleum. They are reported to have a close professional relationship. Aside that, Sholaye Jeremi was often spotted at business conferences together with the oil magnate Femi Otedola. Rumors have it that this famous magnate often uses the service of Sholaye Jeremi to make his business operations easier.

Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy is also closely linked to the Delta State billionaire Ayiri Emami, who is based in Warri. He also became famous for his oil businesses, in particular, A&E conglomerate specializing in logistics, construction, oil and gas. As Ayiri Emami stated, Sholaye Jeremi is like a brother to him, and he was one of the first famous business people to congratulate him on the birth of his son. Finally, Sholaye Jeremi is also known to be acquaintances with Aliko Dangote. Although there are no confirmed joint businesses between them, they meet at the business conferences quite often.

The private matters of Sholaye Jeremi have remained under wraps before Linda Ikeji came into his life. Nowadays, his name has become famous mostly because of the controversy with his famous ex-girlfriend and mother of his child.

So, what happened between the famous blogger and businessman?


Linda Ikeji and Sholaye Jeremi: the story of their relationship

One of the latest on Linda Ikeji blog was the post, where she introduced her son to the world. In this post, Linda Ikeji disclosed the information about her romantic involvement with Sholaye Jeremi. First of all, she denied the information that has surfaced on the Internet, about her ex-boyfriend being married to another woman. She said that he was a single man and that she would never get together with someone who is already married.

Their romance started all of a sudden. Sholaye and Linda met in December 2015. Their meeting was unexpected since they usually would not hang in the same circles. It was the day after Christmas, and Linda Ikeji together with her friends were having dinner in the Wheatbaker Restaurant, Ikoyi. The celebrity was preparing to move into her new home, which is in Banana Island. Somewhere during the evening, Sholaye Jeremi walked into the bar, and he and Linda quickly noticed each other. It was a major turn-on for Linda that he did not know who she was because usually, all the men she knew were acted like fans around her. As Linda reminisced on her blog, she almost immediately fell in love with this man.

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The infatuation was real on both sides. Linda Ikeji started to visit her boyfriend’s house in Lekki quite often, even though it was a long drive from her own house. Usually, she took her laptop with her, so she could work and spend time with Sholaye at the same time. To her, he was a very funny, charismatic and romantic man, and she has never felt for anyone the same way before. It was quite easy to fall for him, and Linda believed that there was a mutual feeling. They were already planning to have a future together only a few weeks after they met, and Sholaye was calling his girlfriend Linda Ikeji Jeremi.

Then, something happened, as Sholaye suddenly stopped calling and responding to Linda’s messages. The blogger was really confused why it was over all of a sudden. Later, Sholaye got in touch and confessed that Linda’s public lifestyle scared him off because he was more used to leading his businesses in privacy and did not want the excess attention. Linda told him that she understands, and they have separated. They reunited some time later in 2016 and tried to amend their relationship, but it did not work out, so they remained friends.

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By 2017, both were single, and they decided to come back to each other. Linda Ikeji stated that their romance was intense, and they once again started planning their future. Sometimes, she was unable to figure out where their relationship even leads, because she considered them to be from completely different worlds. Many times, Linda walked away. However, due to her fame and publicity, it was easy for Sholaye to keep chasing her, and she would end up coming back to him, simply because she had trouble finding someone else.


Very soon, Linda’s pregnancy happened. According to her, the baby was not planned, and it was a sudden revelation for her, even though she and Sholaye were joking once about having a billionaire baby. As the blogger confessed, after it came to light that she was carrying a child, things became difficult between Linda and her boyfriend. As her post indicated, there were frequent mood swings on his side too. They talked normally about pregnancy and plan the future of their child and Sholaye even suggested that Linda go to Dubai to have the baby. He promised her a traditional wedding, which they were planning together. However, the other days he would not talk to her at all.

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He was been on good terms with Linda’s parents and even messaged her father every day. Still, things changed very soon: as Linda remembered, Sholaye became aggressive and hateful towards her. He went back on his promise about the wedding and became an absolutely different man. This was the main reason why Linda and her family had to cut off communication with him. Nowadays, Linda Ikeji calls Sholaye Jeremi “a completely closed chapter”, and she is not considering the opportunity of letting him back into her life.

There are no comments on their relationship from Sholaye Jeremi yet. He never publicized his own version of the events. The controversy has affected his rather private lifestyle, but he still is trying to go along with it.

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Linda Ikeji and her son

The little son of Linda Ikeji is named Jayce Jeremi, this is how the public found out about the identity of Linda’s baby father. The celebrity blogger gave birth to her baby boy on September 17th, 2018. It was only two days before Linda’s 38th birthday. She delivered her baby in Atlanta, United States. At first, she referred to him as just Baby J, until she decided to post another picture with him, where she shared his full name to her followers.

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According to Linda Ikeji, the amount of love she feels for her little boy is truly immeasurable. When she looks at him, she has tears in her eyes and wonders why it took her so long to become a mother. Linda calls her son her biggest blessing and navigating him through all the life obstacles and challenges are the most important mission for her.

Linda Ikeji remembered that her son was her biggest strength through difficult times. The last months of her pregnancy were gentle as if he wanted to go easier on his mother.

Linda’s delivery was very easy, as she spent only thirty minutes in the labor room. After giving birth, she got in shape very quickly – in about three weeks. She calls Jayce her little soldier. Even though Linda is a confident career woman and says that relationships are not the most essential part of her life, she would still want to find someone in the future and her son to grow in a loving home. As for now, she gives him all the love herself.


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