Men and Sperm Health

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Guys – What you Do On a daily basis Affects Your Sperm Maturation Process

While a female is born with all the eggs she’ll ever have, men produce sperm on a continuing basis. Thus, what a male does on a daily basis can affect the sperm maturation process.

Smoking, Semenax prices – mouse click the next document – drinking, drugs, stress, poor nutrition as well as not enough physical exercise all may contribute to poor sperm quality. And, it had been just recently discovered, a male’s sperm quality begins to decline around the age of 25.

There are five main elements that promote overall sperm quality. They contain sperm motility, count, speed, concentration and morphology (shape and size).

semenax pillsA weakness in virtually any of these areas are able to affect the prospects of conception.


Semen mobility is a term that talks about sperm’s capacity to go in an energetic fashion: simply put, are the sperm “strong swimmers?” In healthy sperm, typically more than 50 % are active with over 25 % moving forcefully in one direction. Motility enables the sperm to travel in the cervical canal, into the uterus as well as the fallopian tubes &, lastly, to penetrate the egg.


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