New Study Findings on the Impact of Omega three Fats on Liver Health

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You probably already know that omega 3 fats play a crucial role in your health. All things considered, they are best for your heart and the memory of yours.purehealth research They could help relieve or possibly eliminate depression and some types of ADD and ADHD. They probably prevent strokes and probably could prevent or hold off the coming of Alzheimer’s disease. Which does not actually take into consideration the improved muscle quality, easier weight loss, younger-looking skin as well as decrease in migraine frequency.

However, now there is another advantage to add to the omega 3 fatty acid list: improved liver health. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism presented a report this October (2009) in which experts drew a direct association between lower occurrences of liver disease and reduced liver fat1. Exactly why does this make a difference? Because omega 3 fatty acids are able to reduce liver fat.

The study monitored 25 women who were considered already susceptible to liver disease. The results indicated that omega three fatty acids had a beneficial impact on liver fat content. Simply speaking, they reduced it. As a result, the ladies that took the omega three supplements had been less prone to encounter problems with liver disease simply because in the conclusion of the study, their livers contained less body fat.

It must be noted that this was a small study, and also the results, by the scientists’ own admission, call for more study.purehealth research Nevertheless, the indications from this study are apparent, and in case you are not currently taking an omega 3 supplement for heart health or perhaps any of the other myriad advantages of this vital nutrient, then you can add another thing for the listing of reasons that you have to end up an excellent, successful omega three fish oil supplement today.

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