Nine Reasons The Blood Sugar of yours Can Go Up

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fight against high blood sugar levelsTo prevent type 2 diabetes destroying our bodies, we diabetics have to control the glucose that exist in our bloodstream. Many of us are succeeding in doing this by the diets we eat.

Some times however our diets don’t work perfectly and our glucose levels readings rise for reasons we can’t fathom quickly. This could be due to a shortage of knowledge of how certain foods or several other things are able to affect the amount of glucose in our blood.

Here are 9 common explanations why our blood glucose can rise unexpectedly.


Drinking coffee, black tea, green tea, and energy drinks, everything with caffeine, has been associated with a small, but detectable surge in blood glucose levels, particularly after meals.

This can happen, even if you drink black coffee with zero calories. Two to three cups 1 day (250mg of caffeine) is able to have this particular effect.

In one experiment conducted on 10 individuals with type 2 diabetes, the subjects had been given capsules of caffeine (the equivalent of 4 cups), rather than coffee. This increased their blood glucose levels by up to 8 %. But how caffeine raises blood sugar hasn’t been figured out yet.

The irony is that coffee, both caffeinated as well as decaffeinated, has some other components that bring down blood glucose, and coffee has become associated with a reduced risk of acquiring type two diabetes.

Paul D Kennedy

Beating Diabetes

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