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Who Is The Owner Of Nairabet – CEO Of Founder. Guess you would like to know who is the owner of nairabet. nairabet founder is one of the popular online figure that started way back before even conceiving the idea to own nairabet. When a new customer who just heard of nairabet decided to check the betting site, one of the first thing that would be in their mind is “Who Is The Owner Of Nairabet”. Same goes for other betting website as most of the owners are young vibrant men who have created a niche for themselves. I bet you that if you see the owner of nairabet in your area, you won’t believe he is the founder of nairabet because of the way he present him self in public with a simple life style. It may interest you to know that the owner of nairabet started out as an internet marketer way back before he made his way into becoming the first to bring online betting in Nigeria. This has really boost his net worth and popularity as nairabet is one of the biggest sport betting company in Nigeria and you keep asking, who is the owner of nairabet. People wants to know his name, they want to know how he made it. In fact, people wants to know every thing about nairabet founder to the extent that they try to see if he has a family.well, the Otunba himself, here i present you the CEO, Founder, Owner Of Nairabet.

So, Who Is The Owner Of Nairabet

the founder of nairabet is no other than

Mr Otunba Akin Alabi. Guess the name rings a bell in your ear.for those who have been online for years, the name akin alabi should not be new to you because he started as an internet marketer and you must have bought one of his product from his forum called

back in the days, used to be the main spot for internet lovers who wants to make money online in nigeria. Internet activities such as information marketing, paypal, making money online and lots more were being discussed in that ladies and gentlemen, the owner of is Mr Otunba Akin Alabi.


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