Plan B: Stabilizing Blood glucose and Brain Chemicals On the Fly (And Staying away from Sugar!)

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It’s dinnertime, and I am flying home to San Francisco originating from a Houston business trip. The flight attendant is bringing close to the service cart also I’m about to order… milk. I never drink milk, so the reason now?

We need to retturn to how the day started. Fortunately, I’d purchased eggs as well as oatmeal from space service. (This was a number of years ago, before we all became gluten-phobic.) Breakfast showed up at 7:00; so far quite good.

diabetes pillI was in Houston in January for a meeting called by Sherry. The conference began at 10:00 a.m., ( ( to end at 1:00. My return flight was at 2:30 p.m.

Sherry had promised us foods. I should were suspicious, because Sherry and I once had dinner in an airport, and hers was a plate of white-flour pasta and a plate of white rice. The sole foods at the conference were donuts, coffee, soft drinks, Halloween-size candy bars, M&Ms and Danish pastries. No refreshments I think, thank you.

At 1:00, a number of us got into Sherry’s automobile so she could drive us to the airport. 6 hours with no food had left me hungry, & I planned to have foods in the terminal. Regrettably, unpredicted traffic on account of an event in town slowed us to a crawl. It wasn’t about to be feasible to get food before my flight. Perhaps a pack of raw almonds? Virtually every airport newsstand offers those.

Effectively, time was so short I’d to run for the gate. As I stepped on the plane, they closed the door literally the instant I was on board. And then.

The flight could not take off for an hour on account of some problem or perhaps other. (Believe me, I would stopped caring.) Even if we had been cleared to go, we could not surge because the aircraft now needed to be de iced. We sat on the tarmac for 2 more hours.

And so our 2:30 flight departed at 5:30. There was no supper service – it was a little while flight. A 2½-hour flight. Right after a 7:00 a.m. breakfast and absolutely nothing else, all I might think about was foods.

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