Probiotics and prebiotics – That is Better?

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These days, folks are having to pay more attention to the health of theirs. Consequently, there are more interesting discoveries and updates.

Take probiotics and prebiotics for instance. The pattern on enhancing digestive health to achieve a general well-being has caught on. These 2 health terms are starting to be a lot more popular and, lately, much more controversial.

Let’s take a brief look into similarities plus differences that will guide folks decide what is ideal for them.

Prebiotics are incredibly specific forms of dietary fiber. It nourishes the good bacteria as it enters the colon. These excellent bacteria, species under Lactobacilli and Bifidobacter households bring a lot of advantages because of its good effects on the intestines.

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Probiotics are comprised of living organisms, biofit at gnc (linked site) specifically bacteria. These are in fact the same bacteria present in the colon which are sustained by prebiotics. Nevertheless, probiotics have a handful of these germs, as compared to hundreds present in a great colon.


Prebiotics are not easily harmed by time, heat, and acidity. On the contrary, probiotics must be kept alive until it reaches the colon for the benefit of its to take effect. Consequently, probiotics are refrigerated to sustain life and also avoid extreme changes in temperature. Bacteria can in addition be destroyed by acid.


Prebiotics are found naturally in many plant species. Bacteria in probiotics are found in fermented food as yogurt and sauerkraut. The procedure for pasteurizing these food products might have killed even the beneficial bacteria, for this reason the probiotic bacteria might have been added afterward.


The activity of prebiotics in nourishing the beneficial bacteria in the colon causes these bacteria to produce Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFAs). These SCFAs result in a slightly acidic environment in the colon that’s favorable to the good bacteria but lowers the expansion of the bad bacteria, and they prefer basic to alkaline environment. There is, nonetheless, lack of research that shows whether probiotics also produce SCFAs.

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