SizeGenetics – Is SizeGenetics Any Different from Other Penis Extenders?

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A quick Google search for natural penis enlargement will reveal find out more by clicking here (just click for source) than a dozen different models of penis extenders. A lot of them promise a lot of the same: permanent gains in penis length as well as girth, stronger, harder erections, and any number of various other claims.

What criteria do you use to split up a quality extender originating from a scam? Specifically, what separates the SizeGenetics penis extender from the package? Is it a high penis enlargement item, or might it be merely another mediocre device?


The SizeGenetics brand penis extender is created utilizing high-quality silicone to ensure that you are constantly comfortable while stretching. The silicone also needs to help to put some safety concerns you may have to rest.

In contrast, other inexpensively made extender manufacturers are produced with hard, rigid plastic and sharp edges. This kind of very poor craftsmanship can lead to injury and loss of circulation with long stretches of use – in other words, it is no good.

Health-related Backing

It’s probably a particular that at this point you have noticed the, “Backed by a doctor!” line. While it’s true that some clinical doctors may choose to lend their recommendations to many different all-natural penis enlargement products, no extender is able to lay claim to exactly the same level of assistance boasted by the SizeGenetics brand. Not only was the SizeGenetics penis extender actually designed and put together by physicians, additionally, it enjoys the suggestions of no fewer than 10 licensed health professionals.

In addition, on top of that, the SizeGenetics extender in addition carries the CE mark, which could mean it’s been approved by the European Health Authorities as a legitimate medical device.

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