Surfer SEO Review 2021: Best SEO Tool?

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There are many tools in the market that promises you to provide the best SEO services to you. Sometimes they failed to provide the promised results which makes difficult for the users to decide the best SEO tool.

Don’t worry there is the tool called Surfer SEO which is being appreciated by so many entrepreneurs, and also by SEO experts.

We also used this tool and we are amazed by it’s performance.

So, we decide to make our own Surfer SEO review to tell you in brief about this tool.

Before giving the Surfer SEO review. We would like to discuss about what Surfer SEO is. So let’s get started

Surferseo screenshot

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based tool that focuses on On-Page optimization. This tool allows you to optimize your pages, blog posts, and all other content in such a way that your website can reach the best ranking which will significantly increase your website traffic.

Surfer compares your content with high ranked websites on the basis of the keyword that is common between both of you. It analyses your content structure, keyword usage, and many things and gives you suggestions on what is missing in your content and where you can improve to optimize it. Surfer will challenge your keyword against hundreds of factors that may have an impact on your position in Google. With that much information, you will be able to discover trends and come up with the best action plan.

Surfer analyzes 500+ on-page signals and compares key on-page factors of top 50 ranked websites, providing you with an easy guide that how you can reach higher rankings.

Features of surfer SEO

Surfer SEO has a bunch of features that will help to boost your SEO game. It has 3 prime features.

1. SERP Analyzer

2. Content Editor

3. Keyword Researcher

SERP Analyzer

The SERP Analyzer is the main functionality of Surfer SEO. This provides you a deep breakdown of top-ranking pages for an entered keyword and generates an easy report for optimizing your content by doing keyword research using AI. It allows you to look at the reports and guides you on what you can do to scale your SEO. The in-depth breakdown of the SERPs for a given keyword includes:

– Text length

– Number of headings

– NLP entities coverage

– Page speed

– NLP Sentiment

– Keyword density

– Referring URLs

– Referring Domains

– Meta tags structure

And more stuff

Based on 50 pages and 500+ factors, you can get reliable information on what’s working right now for your specific keyword.

As we already know that what works in one location may not bring results in another. Surfer always consider and take care of that. Our databases work with different languages and countries so it doesn’t matter if your page is in Spanish, German, or Swedish and where you want to rank.

Tabs in SERP Analyzer

According to the Surfer, this tab is a goldmine and often missed. It shows you common ranked keywords of your competitors’ pages with their search volume and relevance. You can reveal the list of top 10 similar keywords connected to the suggestion.


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