The Advantages of Probiotic Foods – How Age-Old Cultured Foods Boost Immunity

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find out more by clicking hereWe’ve approached a period in history when additional folks are taking responsibility for their very own healing – seeking opinions from practitioners and medical doctors with a range of philosophies, treating and discovering the root-cause of illnesses, and remembering the wisdom behind the statement, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” reported by Hippocrates, the father of today’s medicine.

Throughout time, popular diseases have offered culture a manifestation of its own state of being. The main lifestyles, diets, social issues, medicine, etc. just about all amount to health challenges of those instances. In many cases the insidious, debatable epidemics that affected large populations instigated societal growth and advancements.

One of modern such diseases is Candidiasis, a fungal infection, brought on by Candida albicans, that starts in the colon and will spread through the bloodstream impacting the immune system. Candida is the result of an imbalance of’ friendly’ bacteria in the gut, (next page) (next page) causing an overgrowth of fungus ranging from intense to mild. The extended risk of overgrowth is a compromised immune system. Seventy to eighty percent of what controls the immunity of ours is an outcome of the health of our gut. Candidiasis has been linked to numerous symptoms, including skin rashes, food allergies, chronic constipation, persistent vaginal yeast infections, reoccurring headaches, PMS, mental fuzziness and other things. although the majority of people don’t associate their systems with this contemporary epidemic. As per the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, close to 75 % of all the adult women have had at least one genital “yeast infection” in the lifetime of theirs. In those with weakened immune systems, like cancer or AIDS, candida that leaks to the blood stream through the intestinal wall can (and often does) become the particular reason for death.

Although there are a selection of pills and tans being given for this illness by allopathic physicians, several professionals believe that unless the colon’s earth is altered and “friendly” bacteria reintroduced, while the foods perpetuating this particular imbalance are removed, the’ yeast infection’ will persist. New remedies proving to work include probiotics, special diets, intestinal cleanses, and colonics, several of the most powerful probiotics will be obtained from an age-old way of fermenting plant source foods.

Below is an interview with Carly Balsz, founding father of Healing Movement in Santa Monica, California

Following is an interview with Carly Balsz, founder of Healing Movement in Santa Monica, California

Jara Fairchild: Carly, your mission is helping individuals acquire balanced essential ecosystems by supporting them to generate healthy food breakdown. How did you get going on this journey?

Jara Fairchild:

Carly Balsz: The trip of mine began as an R.N., however, I was not healthy. The issue of mine was a severe Candida infection, that had been weakening my immune system. I found the Body Ecology Diet book, a process of healing by Donna Gates, which underscores that all of us have unique nutritional needs depending on the state of the inner ecosystems of ours. For example, we could possibly all concur that an organic, whole food diet is healthful. But wheat, milk products, or even natural sugars might not benefit you. I was on a raw food diet, but the dates as well as fruits that I was consuming were making me sick! Therefore not merely did I eliminate some foods, I began fermenting vegetables and also the water from Young Thai coconuts, the probiotic foods indicated by the diet plan to replenish the colon of mine with’ friendly’ bacteria. That’s when my immune system kicked in, and these raw cultured vegetables and coconut water kefir as they’re called, helped curb the intense sugar cravings of mine, a typical symptom which seems insurmountable to Candida sufferers.

Carly Balsz:

J: So you sensed that there were many others in existence like you struggling with Candida and set out to enable them to also?



find out more by clicking hereJ:






Coming soon in 2009 is Carly’s food recipe book for healing Candida, all based on the Body Ecology process of healing.

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