The Insane Power Of An SEO Audit Service & Why You NEED One Now!

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We’ve talked in-depth about marketing without social media and a big part of that is investing in an SEO audit service.

It often feels impossible to find affordable SEO services. That’s because SEO takes a good amount of behind-the-scenes effort. Oh and – ya – there are a lot of scam artists out there too.

But listen, as an SEO expert, I’m all about giving you the no-frills answers to the things that keep you up at night about copywriting, SEO, and marketing. That’s why I believe that an SEO audit service doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

In fact, it’s actually super-important that you know how to do a website audit report yourself. Because no one knows your stuff better than you do. An affordable SEO audit is certainly possible with just a half-hour of your time. And the best part is – you don’t need to be a tech expert to get it done.

Today I’m sharing one of my biggest secrets about why it’s important to audit your marketing processes on a monthly basis with an SEO audit service.

I spend about a half-hour every month reviewing my marketing process by analyzing raw data in Google Analytics.

As a creative, data isn’t the sexiest thing on the planet, but as a business owner, I LOVE it. It’s like having your own report card where you can look at all of your efforts and see what’s paying off, and what you can finally ditch.

So we are going to dive into some action-packed steps towards melding your data with your creative side through an SEO audit service.

The result? The world’s sexiest marketing strategy built for maximum impact!

About this Guide to What is an SEO audit and Why You Should Have an SEO Audit Service

If you want to maximize your profits and minimize the amount of time you invest in maintaining your online business, then having a successful SEO strategy in place is key!

And one integral part of any SEO action plan is an SEO audit service. So, after reading this guide on What is an SEO audit and why should I have an SEO audit service, you’ll have a firm understanding of:

– What is an SEO Audit Service and Why Is It Important?

– The next steps after your affordable SEO audit

What is an SEO Audit Service and Why is it Important?

Put simply, an SEO audit is a data-driven dive into your website’s amazing content. Using Google Analytics (the real data, not a third party, seo service best-guess tool), you can gain instant access to your client’s journey as well as what Google thinks of your website.

This data-driven process lets you come up with impactful content ideas that will drive the right people to your website while you get real-time clarity into what is and isn’t working with your marketing strategy.

It’s like a report card for your marketing efforts. But instead of grades, you can instead just switch teachers and only take the classes you love. (Wouldn’t that have been nice back in Middle School? Extra recess anyone?🤾♀️)

By doing your own, self-guided SEO audit, you will know exactly how the process works. That trickles down into better content, better clients, and ultimately, more sales while sleep.

An audit can be as in-depth or as surface level as you need it to be. Remember: seo service Unless you’re a wizard at this stuff, 90% of your gains will be at the surface level – so there’s no need for an advanced computer science degree!

Big sites with boatloads of content, a shop, integrative services, membership zone, and all the other bells and whistles (with the revenue to back it up) can benefit greatly from an in-depth SEO audit service.

But every business really just needs a simple SEO audit to get the data they need to bolster their marketing strategy.

The best SEO content audit examines:

– How people are arriving on your website – think social channels, Google, email, direct link sharing, etc.

– How many people are arriving on your site?

– Where they show up – blog posts, sales pages, home pages, etc.

– Which keywords you rank for (i.e. what phrases are being typed into the Google search bar and you show up on the first page for the results).

– Traffic trends such as time of day/week/year, growth over specified periods, etc.

At the end of every SEO content audit you should be able to answer the following question:

How are people finding my website and where do they show up first?

The follow-up questions are:

– Does this journey align with where my business spends its time, energy, and money?

– Does my current process feel aligned with me and my company’s values and seo services am I satisfied with the results?

– Is this lining up with what Google thinks my website is all about?

If the answer is no to either one of these questions, then you’ll want to adjust your marketing strategy to reflect your client’s needs and your business goals.

An SEO content audit is essential to answering these questions.

My favorite part about the self-guided 30-Minute Content Audit is that you get the resources you need to answer these questions without:

– Spending hours in a numbers rabbit hole.

– Throwing money away on expensive SEO audit services built for Fortune 500 companies that don’t bring you the exact info you need to make calculated decisions about your marketing.

– Feeling like you’re running around on every single marketing platform, hoping something sticks, but you don’t know what’s really working.

The Next Steps for Your Affordable SEO Audit

Once you’ve figured out what strategies are working, it’s time to ditch the ones that aren’t.

The most important part of this strategy is to really contemplate if your money, energy, and time are aligned with your data.

Yes, you could be making lots of sales via Facebook ads. But if you’re exhausted from social media, then spend the time investigating how to improve your Google rankings or email strategy to drive the right traffic to your website.

A few key points to keep in mind are:

– Do not get bogged down by the number of people. Instead, focus on the quality of the client journey – is it the easiest way to your buy button?

– Examine trends over longer periods

of time, this gives you better data points.

– Focus on things that have improved just as much as you focus on the things you’d like to see more of.

– From here, it’s time to build up a better marketing strategy.

Play up what’s working while engaging in a few pieces of low-hanging content fruit that could be improved upon – like combing through old blog posts and adding relevant keywords.

Focus on these things first, no re-inventing the wheel.

Going back to our Facebook Ads example, you may want to utilize ads while you try to bolster the SEO on your sales page.

Once you gain traction, ditch the ads.

Be critical about your time and energy and don’t be shy about cutting the fat.

Hone in on Marketing Tactics that Bring the Most Value

Now that you’ve determined what no longer serves you, you can hone in on the marketing elements that provide you with the most overall value.

Design sexy content that hooks your favorite buyer through the discoveries you’ve made in your monthly content audit.

The 30-Minute Content Audit revolutionizes your marketing strategy. With this focused tool, you can easily impact your bottom line.

The best part? For a one-time fee, you can rinse and repeat each month. Over time, you’ll see a shift in your marketing efforts and a laser focus that brings in your most wanted people effortlessly.


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