The Meaning of Your Blood sugar Numbers

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Measuring your blood glucose is currently a super simple test you are able to do at home on ones own. It’s the one most important test to know when you have diabetes, if you do not (because you have reversed it, or did not have it in the very first place), and as soon as you are vulnerable. As well as what nutrition suits you and what doesn’t. But understanding the meaning of the sugar levels numbers of yours is really important. You see, many people get it completely upside down. I wish to describe what I mean.

regulate glucose levels in the bodyBlood sugar levels – The Basics

So I am sure you realize chances are that diabetes is a collection of different diseases that all cause high blood sugar. You’ll notice the 2 main types of diabetes – conveniently called Type 1 and Type two. Type 1 occurs when you’ve damage to the pancreas making it unable to learn more please click here produce plenty of insulin to keep your blood sugar down. Type 2 happens when the pancreas of yours is okay however, you simply eat excessive carbohydrate for your body to keep the sugar down even with lots of insulin circulating around. Of course, in reality there is a lot of overlap between these two however, the distinction is useful.

The standard levels coupled with those diagnostic of diabetes differ rather depending on who you ask and what year you consult them, though the numbers I will give the following are quite a regular sort of guide. Take a look at this particular chart:

US (mg/dl) / Metric (mmol/l)


70 or 3.9

Seventy five / 4.2

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