The Myths of Blood sugar Control as well as What you should Do About it

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diabetes pillIf you are concerned about the total amount of sugars in your blood, and you should, you have to know…

The good Myths of Blood sugar Control

1. Conventional wisdom says if you’re not having symptoms, your blood glucose control problems are not like a major deal, they’re wrong! When you don’t have symptoms today, here is a bit of sampling: Foggy thinking, memory lapses, irritable and weak before meals, low energy levels, cravings for sugar, kidney issues and high blood pressure and cholesterol amounts are just a few of the symptoms you might not be attributing to unbalanced sugars in your blood.

2. Most people think that low-fat dieting can control your blood glucose levels. Wrong again!

Fat is just not the cause of America’s epidemic of insulin resistance. sugar and Excess carbs are, and most men and women are in the deep about it. The typical American consumes about 200 pounds of sugar annually, much of it hidden in the refined food we consume. Ingesting too much sugar is acid-forming and Glucofort cost (just click the next site) wreaks havoc on your blood glucose levels leading to health which is poor.

3. Conventional wisdom says that drugs are the only way to control blood glucose, that healthy solutions won’t work for blood glucose levels. Wrong, dead wrong! The pharmaceutical companies have plenty of prescriptions that may help you cope with blood glucose imbalances. The trouble is… the negative effects of some of these drugs may be WORSE than the disease they’re supposed to treat!

For example, the food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently mandated the usage of a “black box” warning on the diabetes drug Avandia. This powerful warning label emphasizes the drug, “may cause or even worsen heart failure in specific patients.” Despite this distressful admission, an agency advisory panel voted 22 to one in favor of allowing continued sales to U.S. patients!

But here’s some very nice news. You are able to balance the sugars in the blood of yours naturally, merely by using nutrients directly from Mother Nature.

Nutrients for Healthy Blood Sugar

Gymnema Sylvestre


Banaba Leaf Extract



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