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How To Fund Your Nairabet Account And Pay Via ATM From Any Bank you can fund your account and pay via ATM Transfer using Any Bank Branch in Nigeria. if you are finding it difficult to make deposit to your Nairabet account, now you can do that with my help.i can help you make deposit to your Nairabet account while you pay by transferring using any ATM from any bank branch in Nigeria .you don’t have to go long mile standing in queue inside bank to fund your Nairabet account as you can do that by visiting any bank branches in Nigeria, be it UBA, GTBank, First Bank, Access Bank, Fedelity Bank, Diamond Bank Etc as most banks ATM Machines Now allows you to transfer money to another bank account.this makes the whole thing much more easy since you can just walk into any bank branch and do the transfer.

Even on weekend like Saturday and Sunday, you will still get your account funded instantly within 10 minute like other punters are doing using my service since its done via ATM Transfer.

The only thing i will collect from you is your Nairabet User ID number which you will see at the top of your account close to your name.every Nairabet users online have a unique id number which is given to them and you will see it boldly written at the top of your account close to your name.

That is what i need to Make deposit to your Nairabet account and within 10 minutes, your account will be funded since via my online platform while you make payment using Any ATM Machine to transfer Or Pay Via Bank Deposit.I accept funding at minimum of #1000 and above and charges 10 % percent for the service but if you are funding below 2000, i charge #200.any thing above 200 will attract 10% percent charge.

this is because the online platform i make use of to fund your Nairabet account will charge me also for each users.i can’t use my time and data to render this service for free, so the 10 % percent charges is a token i charge for the service which i believe its understandable

so if you are funding from #1000 -2000, you will have to add #200 but if you are funding above 2000, it will attract 10 percent charges.this is how other punters do use my service to make deposit.

minimum funding is from #1000 and maximum is #10000

This is how it works, you will need to make use of the phone number you used when you created your gtbank account.this is one part of the security measures put in place so anyone can not just pick their phone and make transfer.also, you will need to have the last 4 digit numbers on your ATM card at the back of your mind to complete the transfer because you will be asked to insert the last 4 digit numbers on your ATM card to complete the transfer. So memorize it or copy it some where in your phone where someone cannot see or guess.Please note that this is not your ATM Pin. So check your ATM Card and copy out the last 4 digit number

How To Fund Nairabet Account Instantly

pick up your phone and dial the code to make transfer to my bank account as follows

to make transfer to gtbank account

dial *737*1*amount*bank account number#

E.g *737*1*1000*1234567890#

the account number should be the 10 digit Nuban Account number.most of us have that 10 digit account number, so that is what you will insert

when you dial the code and send, you will be asked to insert the last 4 digit number on your ATM Card, do that and complete the transfer.

But if you want to transfer to other bank account, then dial this code

*737*2*amount*bank account number#

it will take you to another screen where you will be asked to select the bank name, they only have few banks such as first bank, diamond bank, UBA, Access bank, so select the one available for the account you want to transfer money to

after that, you will see the name of the person you are transferring to, then continue, you will be asked to insert the last 4 digit number on your ATM Card as usual, do that and complete the transfer. This is a very easy way to fund your nairabet account by transferring to my account while i make the deposit into your account as usual. Lots of punters are now making use of this and they can fund their account on the go, at midnight, moday-sunday. Anytime any day as you don’t have to go to the bank.


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