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The outfits worn by Amell’s Chris, Scodelario’s Claire, and Jogia’s Leon S. Kennedy look especially devoted to the original video games. Welcome to Raccoon City features such iconic video games characters as Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Albert Wesker, Chief Irons, Lisa Trevor, William Birkin, and extra characters gamers will recognize. But likewise, we will see that Racoon City seems to be embracing the tradition of schlock seen in plenty of horror productions, with overwrought dialog, low-rent results, Neal McDonough, and one of many wildest decisions of movie trailer music I’ve ever run into.

The latest Resident Evil movie starts contemporary, recasting the characters and rebooting the story. The trailer for the latest installment within the Resident Evil franchise has arrived, and it’s taking fans again to where it all started. ANN had the possibility to speak with director Kyohei Ishiguro about how he approached the Netflix anime film project and the intermingling themes of its setting. In the franchise’s universe, they’re people who have been contaminated with the T-Virus created by the sinister Umbrella Corporation.

Robin Valentine, our print editor, stated it “looks like a pretend trailer you’d see within the background of an actual film,” and he’s not incorrect. It’s not fairly up to the level of the fake Hobo With a Shotgun trailer, however the real Hobo With a Shotgun trailer?

It’ll be fascinating to see how the mansion and police station play out in parallel to each other. In the video games, Claire and Leon arrive at the police station after the events within the mansion result in a zombie outbreak in the city. In Welcome to Raccoon City, Roberts calls back to the haunted house-inspired scenes of 1996, as we watch Chris and Jill discover the mansion, opening doorways to rooms filled with horrors. At one point, we even watch the STARS team encounter doubtless the primary zombie within the movie much in the identical method the characters did in the video game. The flesh-eating ghoul slowly turns his head in the course of Chris and Jill as they enter one of many mansion’s darkish rooms. “What the –” is all Chris can say before the bullets begin flying in the rest of the trailer.

In his spare time Rob watches old tv, watches weird films, and writes an unpublishable novel. Oh, and there’s zombies, lots of zombies – normal zombies, zombie dogs, lickers, massively overgrown zombies a la zombified William Birkin, and extra. Even zombie canines are right here — which crash by way of home windows for a bounce scare in an apparent nod to the games. For myself, I wasn’t really convinced until the 1-minute mark, when the four Non Blondes remix kicks in and issues really get rolling. Especially with those incredibly cheap-looking CGI monsters popping out of the ceiling.

The tyrant is the ultimate monster that the participant should confront in the originalResident Evilgame, and has reappeared over the course of the franchise. “Welcome to Raccoon City,” though, goals to tease out extra of the plot particulars from the original “Resident Evil” games. “The massive factor for me on this movie is the tone,” Johannes Roberts said of the brand new movie, per IGN. “What I loved in regards to the video games was that they have been simply scary, and that is plenty of what I wished, that environment. It’s raining continually, it’s dark, it’s scary, Raccoon City is a rotten character,” he said. “I wished to place and blend it with the fun side, particularly with the narrative fashion of the primary game. We had lots of enjoyable, we even used the mounted angles that the first sport has when the characters are at Spencer Mansion.” In the trailer, we see Claire Redfield digging into Umbrella, the corporation everyone knows to be evil, only to find that Umbrella is, in fact, evil.

Hopefully the reboot sticks true to its promise of being a more trustworthy adaptation than the earlier movies. Of course, the inclusion of Claire and Leon implies that this reboot isn’t just influenced by the first sport but also its sequel, which sees the duo traverse a zombie-infested RPD police station. In the trailer, we watch as Leon takes care of zombies reaching out to him from a jail cell, with the undead finally breaking through the station’s gates and crashing by way of home windows.

Johannes Roberts revealed this shall be an origin story adaptation with faithful ties to the games, and will be set in 1998 on a fateful night in Raccoon City. The film’s first trailer was released at present and gives us a peek at the atmosphere Roberts might be aiming for; indeed, there’s a higher emphasis on the horror issue of the collection. Welcome to Raccoon City is an adaptation of the first two Resident Evil video games, and the trailer introduces us to the new versions of sequence protagonists Claire Redfield , her brother Chris , and Leon S. Kennedy .

This investigation into the zombies Umbrella is creating brings the movie’s two protagonists to the infamous locations from the first two Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City movie Evil video games. Eventually, they meet Avan Jogia’s Leon S. Kennedy and most of the different characters we all know from the collection. That November, Donal Logue was forged as Chief Brian Irons, alongside Chad Rook as Richard Aiken, and Lily Gao as Ada Wong.


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