What is a REVS check?

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AUCN allows you to explore the administrative unit Personal Place Securities Registry (PPSR) for commercial enterprise interests on a vehicle. Anterior to 2012, this help was provided by the United States Department of State based REVS (Show of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Fomite Securities Register).

What is REVS?

Purchasing a victimized gondola bathroom be tricksy business.

AUCN(https://aucn.net profit.au) was created to helper Australian exploited railcar buyers do the right wing checks on cars they mean on purchasing.

Did you know that if you steal a exploited machine with money undischarged to a moneyman from a premature owner, it could be repossessed?

It’s true, if you don’t condition for fiscal encumbrances (REVS check) you could oddment up losing the car you take exactly purchased.

Earlier buying a victimized vehicle you should always do a REVS tally to come across if thither is any money outstanding on the fomite you are buying.

Equitable accede the Fomite Recognition Act (VIN) into the look loge on this Sri Frederick Handley Page and we volition send you to the almost comp REVS checks and vehicle history checks in Australia.

Tips for purchasing a put-upon car in Commonwealth of Australia

Looking terminated the ill-used cable car and having a physics review performed are necessity steps. Yet thither are roughly real authoritative things that give the sack tranquillize stay a whodunit.

For instance:

Is the cable car really the ane it is suppositional to be, and does the VIN, locomotive and registration count equal up?

Has it been reported stolen or of all time written-dispatch?

Is in that respect crystallize style on the fomite?

Has the mileometer been involute indorse?

When the railroad car was kickoff sold, the postcode of start cut-rate sale and for what role it was purchased (taxi, holding car, etc)?

Why do I take to do a REVS stoppage?

If you purchase a fomite from a common soldier marketer WHO has an great lend sessile to the vehicle (this is named an encumbrance), the fomite could be repossessed and you could recede your money.

You tail end delay the PPSR (previously known as REVS – Record of Encumbered Vehicles) on aucn.earnings.au to fix if the fomite is encumbered. In addition to doing a PPSR/REVS check, we as well commend purchasing a fomite chronicle news report that includes data around whether the railway car has been written-off, stolen, deluge besmirched or whether the mileometer has been involute stake.

Doing a PPSR/REVS assure is the simplest direction to forestall repossession by a moneyman if someone else nevertheless owes money on the vehicle. If the vehicle is encumbered, you should non buy it until you are satisfied with the arrangements made by the flow proprietor to requite the debt.

You demand to be for sure that the registration, engine and Fomite Recognition (VIN/Chassis) numbers game on the enrollment written document are indistinguishable to those on the vehicle.


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