What Should You Expect in the Cosmetology School?

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What can you be expecting from a school of cosmetology?

If you’re considering working as a cosmetologist or manicurist, makeup artist, skin care specialist, or any of the other amazing jobs in the beauty industry then cosmetology school might be for you.

A lot of people find the classroom education as well as hands-on experience in cosmetology schools to be extremely rewarding. You’ll have the knowledge and the knowledge to establish your own salon when you have completed your beauty school education. You will also be ready to pass the state examinations required for your cosmetology license.

What should you expect in cosmetology schools? This guide addresses common questions that students of beauty schools may ask.

What can I expect to learn in cosmetology school?

You’ll be able at cosmetology school to acquire various new techniques for beauty which include:

Basics: anatomy of hair, skin and nails; and the ingredients and chemicals of beauty products.

Hair services include cuttinghair, coloring, and styling hair.

Skin: Basics of care including how long does cosmetology school take to apply makeup as well as perform facials.

Nails: manicures and pedicures; cutting, shaping, and polishing nail polish and fingernails.

Business Training: fundamental business-related skills, like scheduling appointments, developing a client base, as well as other management duties like managing a budget, payroll, and employee schedules.

What kind of lessons will my school offer in cosmetology?

The majority of cosmetology schools structure their training in two main phases:

Classroom learning is when you learn the theory of your instructors and then practice the latest techniques with mannequins.

Experience a salon in person, where you get the opportunity to interact with real customers. Beauty schools typically offer services to the people at a discount which allows students to gain practical experience in hair, skin, and nails.

These two stages will allow you to learn the theory and the skills needed for cosmetology. You can then apply your knowledge in a real-world setting.

How much does cosmetology school cost?

There are many factors which affect the price of attending a cosmetology college. Do your research before you submit an application. Ask about the tuition and fees at the school as well in estimating the supplies and books costs. Also consider other costs, such as housing. If you are eligible federal financial aid may be available. Please contact our Admissions Team for more information.

What beauty products do I require?

Your Delta Tech supply kit includes the mannequin as well as a stylist apron, or smock and a shampoo cape. It also includes a spray bottle and cutting shears as well as styling brushes, picks and combs and various cosmetics. These supplies are provided by Delta Tech as part of your tuition and costs.

How long does cosmetology school be?

The amount of time required by the state to receive your license for cosmetology at the end determines the length of a cosmetology program. For instance the state licensing boards in Mississippi will require you to complete at minimum 1,500 hours of cosmetology training (3,200 hours of theory and 1,200 hours of practice). Delta Tech’s Cosmetology Program provides the 13 month option and a 17 month option. Both evening and day classes are available.


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