What’s The best Cure for A Hangover?

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the plugAn age old question, and not a simple one to answer. Some individuals recommend the’ hair of the dog’ as the best hangover remedy, while others has you slurping down any number and raw eggs of other gruesome concoctions with the promise that, once broken down, you’ll feel less like you’ve been hit by a bus.

So what’s the perfect cure for a hangover?

We go through 2 of the most desired options below, and the reason they are actually more hindrance than assistance.

Greasy Food

In contrast to popular belief, consuming a gigantic breakfast chock-full fat and grease does absolutely nothing to help the hangover of yours. In fact, it is likely to make you feel worse. The sheer volume of food to digest will help make you feel a lot more exhausted as well as lethargic, and the higher salt content will dehydrate you even further, which is the last thing you need. Not to mention the reality that your already delicate stomach is likely to feel an entire lot even worse after chowing down ten pieces of bacon.

So What Should I Eat?

Forget the grease. You want something light and energising, Blowfish or else you will be undertaking the greatest impression of yours of a zombie all day long in between presenting sweet hugs to the toilet.’Hair Of The Dog (That Bit You)’

This idea comes from the ancient Roman belief that putting the burnt hair of a rabid dog that had bitten you into the wound would serve as an antidote, influenced by an old Roman saying “like is cured by like’, or similia similibus curantura. Tempting as it might be to get directly down the pub for one more beer, you will sometimes be doing a lot more harm than good. A part of a hangover is alcohol withdrawal symptoms, so that drink could temporarily make you feel slightly better. Nonetheless, in the end you’re more dehydrating yourself and prolonging the inevitable, meaning you will only end up feeling much more terrible later on in the evening.

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